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What to Expect with the Sonata Treatment

Before the procedure:

  1. The Sonata Treatment will take place with you laying on an exam table as if you were receiving a pelvic exam.
  2. The time of your procedure will depend on the number
    and size of fibroids scheduled to be treated. Each fibroid takes between
    1.5 to 7 minutes to treat.
  3. Plan to have a companion or family member to drive you home unless otherwise instructed by your physician.

After the procedure:

  1. The Sonata Treatment is an outpatient procedure so you will be scheduled to return home the same day.
  2. Your time in the recovery room will depend on the type
    of anesthesia you received and how comfortable you feel after the
  3. Your doctor will provide specific discharge instructions and encourage you to rest and limit strenuous activities.

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