Fed up with heavy menstrual bleading due to fibroids?

Hysterectomy is NOT the only answer


Now there is an INCISION-FREE fibroid treatment option.

If you are one of the millions of women with uterine fibroids, you know they can cause heavy menstrual bleeding and long, uncomfortable periods.

Many women are told that hysterectomy (surgically removing the whole uterus) is the only option, but now there's an INCISION-FREE alternative that is changing women's lives.



  • Fibroids are benign growths in or around the uterus, ranging in size from a grape to a grapefruit.

What are the SYMPTOMS?

  • Fibroids may cause heavy menstrual bleeding and periods that last for weeks instead of days.
  • Women may feel pain or pressure in the abdomen and symptoms can worsen over time

This outpatient procedure usually takes less than one hour.

  • The doctor uses a hand-piece that passes through the vagina to the uterus.
  • Ultrasounds is used to locate and target the individual fibroids.
  • The hand-piece then delivers radio-frequency energy to shrink the fibroid and reduce or eliminate symptoms.

CLINICALLY PROVEN to be safe & effective

In a clinical trial, women reported the following results

50% of patients returned to normal activity the next day
95% had a reduction in menstrual bleeding at 12 months
97% of patients would recommend the Sonata Treatment to a friend at 12 months.

Ask your doctor if the SONATA TREATMENT is right for you!


If you answer "Yes" to these questions, Sonata may be the right choice for you!

  • Do your periods last longer than 7 days?

  • Do you change your pad or tampon every 2-3 hours?

  • Do you wake up throughout the night to avoid staining your bedding?

  • Do your heavy periods interfere with your daily activities or work?

  • Has your doctor talked to you about fibroids?

Consult with your doctor to compare your options and determine your treatment plan.


What Customers Say

Fed Up with fibroids and heavy menstrual bleeding?

Treating uterine fibroids and their symptoms

What to expect with the Sonata Treatment

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